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Life on Mars ?
Rosalind Franklin and the Discovery of Double Helix

Good Bye Dolly
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West Nile Virus
Asteroid Impact?
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Ancient Trade Routes
Pop Singer to Fly In Space
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Studying ET
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This is a century dominated by technology. In this page we will report on events and people that exemplify the rapifd pace with which technology is shaping our life.

From bionics to artificial intelligence, from the web to space flight, it is not much science, but its application to our life, that makes the difference ...


The Future of the Web
Probably the single most important invention of the last 500 years, will play a role similar to the invention of printed books and will shape the society of the next century.
And it was invented by one man (and perfected by thousands of enthusiastic early users). Tim Berners-Lee will remain in history ...more


Space Worm

The new robotic arm, to be fitted to the International SPace Station, will move like a caterpillar, crawling around the hull of the spacecraft



Space Flight
From Apollo 13 to the Mir and the Challenger, space flight has never been a safe enterprise. Just few years after the series of accidents that involved Mir and its crew, a book reconstructs the dramatic accidents that nearly killed american and russian astronauts


Technology is now available to connect electronic and mechanical parts to biological bodies. This may mean better senses and limbs for the disabled, but might also mean a new turn in humar evolution



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History of Technology

Is this Monument Telling the Truth ?

This monument in downtown Boston is at odds with a recent Congress resolution, granting to Antonio Meucci - not Alexander Bell - moral rights for the invention of the telephone .... more
Improbable Research

The 2002 IG Nobel Prizes were awarded in a ceremony at Harvard University. From Belly Button Lint to estimating the surface of an elephant...
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