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Concerned Scientists write to Bush

Economics Nobel 2003

Chemistry Nobel 2003

Medicine Nobel 2003
Literature Nobel 2003

Physics Nobel 2003

Life on Mars ?
Rosalind Franklin and the Discovery of Double Helix

Good Bye Dolly
On Stonehenge
The Loss of Columbia
IG Nobel 2002
The invention of :-)
West Nile Virus
Asteroid Impact?
Molecule Hunt
Tuxedo Park
Ancient Trade Routes
Pop Singer to Fly In Space
Great Ideas

The Universe in a Nutshell
Copenhagen, the Play
Count of Monte Cristo
Nobel Prize 2001
John Nash
Kernel Methods

Ig-Nobel Prize
Einstein's Brain
Space Turism
Floating City
Mir's Blast
Great Books
Nobel Prize
In the mind of:
Serial Killers
The secret shuttle
Are we aliens?
Studying ET
Pattern Analysis
Early Vibrators
and Hysteria
among us
Book: Darwin
Book: Russell


Archaeologists Uncover
Ancient Maritime Spice Route Between India, Egypt

Archaeologists from UCLA and the University of Delaware have unearthed the most extensive remains to date from sea trade between India and Egypt during the Roman Empire, adding to mounting evidence that spices and other exotic cargo traveled into Europe over sea as well as land. READ MORE


Galileo's Daugther
Albert Einstein called Galileo Galilei "the father of modern physics- indeed of modern science altogether". A portrait of the great italian scientist inspired by the letters he wrote to his daughter ... ...more


The early days of computing saw a concentration of exceptional people, that often not only had an exceptional mind but also lived extraordinary lives.
Turing, von Neumann, Shannon, Feymnann. They all contributed to the birth of computer science while on their way to their own destinations (logic, pgisics, economy ...)


Julius Caesar
He conquered Britain, he had a child with Cleopatra, he ruled Rome... then he was killed in the Senate. For centuries all rulers of all nations called themselves "Caesar" !



the secret shuttle

It is one of the less known stories of the cold war and space race: the secret soviet shuttle program.
Although it has now been abandoned, the Buran program was a huge investiment and did produce at least one (unmanned) space mision.



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History of Technology

Is this Monument Telling the Truth ?

This monument in downtown Boston is at odds with a recent Congress resolution, granting to Antonio Meucci - not Alexander Bell - moral rights for the invention of the telephone .... more
Improbable Research

The 2002 IG Nobel Prizes were awarded in a ceremony at Harvard University. From Belly Button Lint to estimating the surface of an elephant...
... read more